Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Mayhem is on Sunday

Sundays suck for Halloween unless your wearing a costume on the polo court playing beer... Come out in costume if your not to hungover from Saturdays Halloween festivities. Then after polo go out again since your in costume already. No costume! no beer!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Day Back to Polo

So I finally made it back out to polo this past weekend. School has been killing me. Anywho Clark called me out on not updating and I think its because he likes the polo blog to be updated with stuff about here you go Clark...

Clark brought out his whip all modded out for polo. Its some crazy gearing like 24/22. His bike was fast and manueverable. Here he is showing it off...

it was short lived...between problems with lockrings and taking hits his bike did not hold up for the day, but his chainring did get the 21 gun salute with toy rifles...

Be on the look out I should have some HNL BikePolo swag soon...I hope. Sau sorry to here bout your mouth, and Rob your arm. Hope you both are back to tip top shape in no time.