Thursday, February 24, 2011

DAB! Issue 1 is in

This past week I have missed the entire poloverse. While I was unable to show up to polo pickups both this past Sunday and last night (Weds) it was not in vain. I was visiting my nephew and making up missed school work due to a fuck up in my flight back home. While I spent hours in a laboratory last night knowing polo was going down on the court I couldnt help but catch my mind drifting from lab work to thoughts of polo. As the night drug on Eilif texted me to remind me of how detrimental school can sometimes be to my polo. As I arrived home last night just shy of 9p.m. I am ready for the the cold refreshing beer that is bountiful in the fridge. My girl points to the table. I see a rather large black envelope sitting on the table. After opening it my polo sadness for the evening weened away. The first issue of DAB is now in my posession. DAB is the first magazine in the U.S. if not the world souly dedicated to hardcourt bike polo. It hails from the streets of N.Y. where they have the pit, Bench Minor, and some of the toughest player out there. It is compiled from contributions from all over the U.S. In this issue we see from N.Y. to MKE to SF. I have 5 issues total in my possesion. You know how to get a hold of me if you want to pick one of em up with a HNL Polo sticker for the price of $5.50 each let me know.

Friday, February 18, 2011

More polo!

I haven't updated in a while, Ive been sick and over taken by this semester. We have been having a good amount of success holding polo twice a week lately. The day that seems to work the best is Weds. We have been playing at our usual spot at 6pm for three weeks now and the turn out while it started meek has turned into nothing short of our usual Sunday crowd. Hopefully we can keep this twice a week going. Id share pictures with you but our cameras have been set to video lately and it's all going towards a seperate project but while appear on the blog when the time comes.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rainy Winter Days and Weds Polo!

We have had some rainy weather this past week. It's our Hawaiian snow i guess and we can still play polo so not all is bad. Micheal shot some footage with his I phone which I hastley put together this week. We all hope Ariel is doing better, he was involved in a non-polo related eye injury this past weekend. We all hope to see him back on the polo court soon.
This is also short notice for the blog but we are playing polo tomorrow at Makiki our normal spot at 6pm. If you can make it show up for some polo. I got to most of the regulars through text but for those I dont have numbers for due to phone damage at polo a few weeks ago I hope you got the message for tomorrow through the grape vine.
In the mean time here is the quickie of rainy Hawaiian winter polo I put together. Lots of dropped mallets due to the wet grips and lack of aggression due to beer and rain I suppose...not to mention we had been playing for a few hours by this point...enjoy!

Honolulu Rainy Winter Days from HNL BIke Polo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Polo on a Tuesday!

A bunch of us have been pushing now to try and solidify a weekday to play polo on. While we strived for Weds. they never seemed to come together. A bunch of us kicked around the idea of playing on Tuesday night this week and while there was a decent amount of people who said they could make it the numbers of those who actually showed were small. Enough showed up for 2v2 and we didn't let that deter our evening of polo. Nor did we let me fucking up lengthening of my chain. It took Clark, Josh, and I way to long to piece my chain back together in the dark. Cyrus you would have dis owned all of us, especially Clark, if you were there. Here are the few flicks I did manageto take.

Clark and Josh help with the mess of a chain I showed up with. Clarks face shows fustration.

Micheal scoring on an open goal