Monday, January 25, 2010

The Joust...

Check out for the joust. A frame made in the US for bike polo. 26 inch rims for the quickness. V brake compatible. 68mm english bb basically the steed a polo player is lookin for. Check out their site for their blog where pros and cons have been discussed.

Riding in Circle Polo Frame

Italian bike company Riding in Circle has come up with a polo frame. The frame is set up for 26" wheels for quicker manuvers and more stability. As usual I dont know how you would go about getting one other then through the manufacturer website. Frame looks nice and sturdy with the recklessness of bike polo in mind. I dont speak Italian but I believe the fork is set for U-brakes as well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Island Unstoppable 2010

Stacks of bikes is exaclty what we all wanted to see for this event...

The finishers that made it in time for the group photo (minus those who went straight to the bar for beer o'clock)...

Alohafixed family came together and organizd a century ride that took place this past weekend. Some where in the range of 30 cyclist showed up majority of which rode fixed. I believe the total mileage was about 108mi. It started at 730am and first finishers came in at about 530pm I beieve. Although I was not able to make the full ride I joined up at the end and had a blast. Hopefully another distance ride is in the near future. Of course I give props to all who participated and especially to the 14 or so that completed the enitre ride.

Mallets for those who dont like making em

another spot to check if your not into making a mallet and prefer spending your hard earned money check out Fixie Inc's Mo Mallet...

Shipping will prolly be a bit of a hassle here to the islands as it is a Europe based company.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bust open your skull

Some residual blood splatter that didnt get cleaned after I played a game of chicken with the fence week before christmas...mallet has some blood too but got rubbed off while play, I still have blood stains on the back rim too but camera died to quick.
Pick up game anywhere on windward side Monday 1/4/10

Hit me up with an email of your number and we can start setting a place and time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

For those looking for mallets I caught wind of this. makes em for about $20. I still say homemade is cheaper.

Polo Game Sunday 1/3/10

Hawaii Kai hockey ring at 10am

Got couple spare mallets and ring has the goals.