Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Genghis Kahn Mallet Head

This thing is huge. The caps at the end were a quick fix to the problem I'm sure. Needless to say the end caps didn't hold up the best. I do however really like the recycled bike tube grip on the shaft. The head is huge and wouldn't be allowed in a tourney (but lets face it we aren't there yet so who cares) and it probably weighs more then Id like. This this looks like something Genghis Kahn himself would show up to a polo match with.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So we were short this week and need to build our numbers back up guys. Lets get a good strong turnout this coming week. Cyrus's polo bike got locked up by building maintance at the Kickstand so he showed up on his unicycle, yea he actually played polo on the unicycle. It was fun to attempt to ride in between games. Take note at the pictures Spencer showed up after he has been MIA, rumor has it Nate should be back out soon. For this week lets get back to straight polo and no shananigans. Get the numbers up have more then two teams for the day. Good old fashion beer and polo.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Needless to say I personally was disappointed not many showed up with costumes. Kudos to big Mark for your festive spirit and grimace mask and half ass kudos to Clark for your half ass seamen outfit. However it was still a fun, candyfilled, beer filled, polofilled day. Im sure it was a slow Sunday for polo as I saw a bunch of people out Sat night in Chinatown. Hope more people show up this coming week. In the meantime for those who didnt make it to the court on Halloween here are some shots...