Monday, December 28, 2009

Tentative Game Post:
Weds 12/30 after lunch 1ish
Either HK hockey ring or Makiki District... which ever the majority prefers.

Send thoughts so we can finalize this game.

So I am trying to make bike polo in HNL a weekly occurence. I will post info relevant to weekly games here. Leave comments or email me to let me know your thoughts on the times and places posted. I will take all info sent to me and post with in 24 hours of the actual event so we all know the final spot and time based off of feedback from any and all who want to play. For those who dont have mallets let me know I got a stash I have made up and will continue to make more as we need them.
In the mean time I got my polo bike set up now that the Milwaukee Polo Gaurd came in. And some of the NY Bike Polo guys sent out some supplies to help us get started in Honolulu.

Picked up these polo guards from Ben's with XD arms. Strong set up.

Thanks to all the NY Bike Polo guys who helped send out supplies for this.

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