Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Island Unstoppable 2010

Stacks of bikes is exaclty what we all wanted to see for this event...

The finishers that made it in time for the group photo (minus those who went straight to the bar for beer o'clock)...

Alohafixed family came together and organizd a century ride that took place this past weekend. Some where in the range of 30 cyclist showed up majority of which rode fixed. I believe the total mileage was about 108mi. It started at 730am and first finishers came in at about 530pm I beieve. Although I was not able to make the full ride I joined up at the end and had a blast. Hopefully another distance ride is in the near future. Of course I give props to all who participated and especially to the 14 or so that completed the enitre ride.

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