Monday, April 26, 2010

MKE shafts hit Honolulu

A few flicks from yesterdays meet up. It was a come and go day. People showed up played their few rounds and left while more showed up. It kept for a good games and new players every so many games. John came at the camera with a nice goal. Sau jousted on my bike and then told me all the janky things about my bike...including the seat. Mark showed up with a "melt your face" orange MKE shaft that he scooped from Bens Cycles. It hasnt been cut so it is a little long for my liking but it was definately a strong sturdy feeling mallet.


  1. dude, there were moments where I feared that your front wheel would escape. and a fork endo would ensue.

  2. Actually after you left my axle on my front bent and my fork splayed so my front end is a lil more janky.