Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Polo on Weds NOW!

So we are making roots strong here. Polo is now on Weds at 5pm at makiki. I for one will say that I have already changed the "WHEN" page. I personally wish I could show but unfortunately school load is heavy this semester. This isnt to say I wont play on Weds but definately wont make it out every Weds. I hope everyone shows up and we continue to progress the foot print polo has in the cycling community of Hawaii. In the mean time Clark revamped his polo bike not only with the new front rim after last week. He also put a skull on the head tube fender status. Oh and by the request of Clark here is his crotch shot...yea Clark while your sarcasim was noted I still let the crotch shot happen...No Homo!

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