Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heal Up Milkman!

The Broken Coconut tourney went down well. It started a lil late but once it was under way it was unstoppable. The games got more intense as the day progressed. Congrats to team Tupperware for winning the tourney. One of greatest things I can say about playing polo in paradise isnt that we have some great sceneary with the ocean side courts and lush green mountains. No its the chill level headed people we meet and get the chance to share time with on and off the polo court. One of my favorite most chilled out dudes is Jorgie the Milkman and it pains me to say in the weeks following the Broken Coconut tourney, which Jorge played his heart out in and jumped ten polo bikes in a single bound while sober, Jorge suffered some trauma when he was struck by a truck riding home from polo. I wont go into any more detail about it but I couldnt not let the world know in some manner. I know his commuter was stolen a while back and now his polo steed is twisted up in an evidence closet somwhere. If any and all are willing you can contact me or any other HNL polo head and we are starting a fund to get Jorge back on a bike by the time he bounces back from the string of shitty luck he has had these past few months. Jorge we love you and hope to see you back on the polo courts soon hombre.

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