Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Polo on a Tuesday!

A bunch of us have been pushing now to try and solidify a weekday to play polo on. While we strived for Weds. they never seemed to come together. A bunch of us kicked around the idea of playing on Tuesday night this week and while there was a decent amount of people who said they could make it the numbers of those who actually showed were small. Enough showed up for 2v2 and we didn't let that deter our evening of polo. Nor did we let me fucking up lengthening of my chain. It took Clark, Josh, and I way to long to piece my chain back together in the dark. Cyrus you would have dis owned all of us, especially Clark, if you were there. Here are the few flicks I did manageto take.

Clark and Josh help with the mess of a chain I showed up with. Clarks face shows fustration.

Micheal scoring on an open goal

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