Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rainy Winter Days and Weds Polo!

We have had some rainy weather this past week. It's our Hawaiian snow i guess and we can still play polo so not all is bad. Micheal shot some footage with his I phone which I hastley put together this week. We all hope Ariel is doing better, he was involved in a non-polo related eye injury this past weekend. We all hope to see him back on the polo court soon.
This is also short notice for the blog but we are playing polo tomorrow at Makiki our normal spot at 6pm. If you can make it show up for some polo. I got to most of the regulars through text but for those I dont have numbers for due to phone damage at polo a few weeks ago I hope you got the message for tomorrow through the grape vine.
In the mean time here is the quickie of rainy Hawaiian winter polo I put together. Lots of dropped mallets due to the wet grips and lack of aggression due to beer and rain I suppose...not to mention we had been playing for a few hours by this point...enjoy!

Honolulu Rainy Winter Days from HNL BIke Polo on Vimeo.

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