Friday, March 4, 2011

Media: Honolulu Magazine Son!

I arrive home today after a long days work, tired from lack of sleep due to last nights wind storm. I go to the fridge and reach for a cold pint of "Japans oldest beer" I say "Wassup?" to the mutt and take a sat. On the counter I see in the stack of bills an issue of Honolulu Magazine. HNL Bike polo has not had very much media attention and we are all pretty stoked that we got some publicity via Honolulu's most widely read magazine. I personally enjoyed the article it touches on polo history of the world for a second and then brings it back to our growing thriving scene in Honolulu. In the one page layout you'll find two of our (insert an adjective of your own that accurately depicts these scoundrels) Mowgli and Josh as they battle for control. A visual walk through of the gear is at the bottom of the page. Either way you should cop your copy.


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