Thursday, July 8, 2010

1/8 inch mallet at 4th BBQ

Not that my opinion should influence anyone elses but I got to mess round with Mark's 1/8inch mallets and thought i'd write up on it. I like that they are capped, and I understand you can remove them, but I noticed with ends capped I saw less BJing. Although the groove in the center allows for some minor bj ability it does not allow players to shoot of a BJ which is good. It's actually against most leagues rules to shoot of a BJ (in fact most say if you BJ you must pass before a shot is taken) so in that sense I like them. They were built sturdy to those MKE shafts that Mark likes. When you strike the ball and the mallet head drags it has a clean hitting surface for better control of where the ball goes. I noticed the more the head on my mallet shaves the harder it is to control the ball in terms of shots due to the warpping of the small end. How ever at the end of the day 35+ shipping is steep for a mallet.

Thanks all who came out and participated in the 4th of July BBQ.

Even with a messed up hand Mark was killin smoke bombs, 40's, and cigarettes

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