Monday, July 19, 2010

Makin News

This was brought to my attention this past Sunday. I like the fact that this article was written by a person who has absolutely no idea what bike polo is about or entails, not to mention a failed interpretation of a flyer for an American Holiday BBQ, as well as another article by a first timer who has gained more understanding from being on the court then looking at a website for five minutes. While you read the articles realize that one compares our bikes to noble steeds(probably not mine if he'd actually seen it), and the other says we earned good grades...While the later may be true for some of you it most certainly is not for me. Other then that yea we are a bunch of geeks on bikes with capes and who ever rips my cape first ill tell my dragon Kila to eat you...ask Rob she bit him. Anywho here is the articles link

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